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MIKAL Salon & Spa Software

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Salon and Spa Summerl Promo Ideas

Posted on June 29, 2019 at 3:35 PM


Now that summer is in full swing (depressing isn’t it?) it’s time to get back down to business and get into the business of filling that book up and making some moo laaal. Now is the time to crank up the business of beauty. Here are a couple of ideas to get you and your staff back down to business:

$ Get a staff meeting together and go over these ideas. See what ideas generate the most excitement and appoint people and set dates for getting the projects going!

$ Clean the salon/spa from top to bottom. Paint a few walls and make a few small changes. Move some plants and displays. Decorate for the season!

$ Have everyone get dressed up. I don’t mean formal but every winter people get a little casual. It’s time to change our look and the change should be professional and upscale.

$ Get into the summer colors. Make sure your make up is right for the season and coordinates with your new look! Get the staff together for a make up session and new fashion review.  Do you always have to wear BLACK????

$ Start your Referral Contest July 1 and end it on October 20th. Pick your prizes, do your precontest mailing/e-mail now, and get the signs up in the salon/spa. Call us for a free 11 page Referral Contest planning book. How would 50-100 new customers sound in the next 60 days?

$ Get your front desk staff to commit to cleaning up the customer data base in the next 60 days. All of your regular customers will be in by the holidays. Run a list on your MIKAL system of all customers with Invalid addresses. The goal is to verify every customer’s address in the next 60 days. Check on the progress by running the Invalid Addresses report for all Last Visits in the last 7 days each week. The report should be blank every week if the front desk staff is cleaning up the list!

$ Get your Gift Cards ON LINE with our Gift Card Shopping Cart NOW! Order the Gift Card option is MIKAL’s SMS software and ask for our free information pack on promoting gift cards. Gift Cards will make a huge difference in your holiday sales over the old gift certificates. NOTE: beware of companies giving you gift cards for use with their Internet or bank card systems. The costs for the processing of the card every time it is swiped become a huge expense and if a customer loses their card there is no way to cancel that card and charge the balance up on a new card. Call us at MIKAL to make an informed decision.

$ Increase your color service prices now just before the holiday season. This will give you an additional boost to your income and the customers are coming in for that popular service during the holiday season.

Now is the time to move into the Summer season with a new look, new ideas, and new promotions for increased sales and profits!

Please call us for additional information on the Referral Contest, Gift Cards, Pricing ideas, or your comments. Have a great fall season.

Fred Dengler   MIKAL       513-528-5100 email us at [email protected] Website:

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