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MIKAL Salon & Spa Software

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Cutting Edge Management and Marketing Ideas for Independent Operators, Salons and Spas.  Use these ideas with your MIKAL software to move your business forward.  Not using MIKAL yet?  Call us for a free evaluation and walk through of what we can do for you!  Welcome - Fred Dengler MIKAL Co-Founder and CEO

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Corporate Gift Card Ideas

Posted on November 27, 2021 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (875)

It’s Holiday Time!

Don’t be late getting your holiday specials and ideas out there. Stores, catalogs, and web sites are already going after your clients. 25% of all consumers have made their Holiday gift purchases! Salons and spas generate up to 40% of the sales for the year in the last 3 months of the year and up to a third of the profits for the year!

Here are some ideas to jump start your merchandising and holiday sales:

Put up your table and shelf talkers promoting products and gift cards for the holidays.

Your retail area needs to sell the holiday gift idea. Have a sample gift basket showing 3 or 4 products and a special price. Have clients order (and pay) for pickup in the next few weeks. Offer to include a service gift card with the retail basket. Offer to ship the baskets for a handling fee plus shipping. Are you using the MIKAL Giftcard system so you don’t pay any fees to a gift card or credit card processing company? Don’t waste your money call MIKAL and save 513-528-5100 or [email protected]

 Have a self service gift wrap station. Get some paper, tape, ribbons and set up a table for clients to wrap their own gifts. Offer to wrap them for them while they are getting their service. Buy in bulk Google gift bags in bulk and get 250 bags for $50 and matching paper for another $20. Pick a bag that is unique and can hold 4 products. The frosted bags are very nice. Always put a service menu and first visit gift certificate in the gift bag. Make sure the free gift certificate states it is for service only and has no cash value.

Start blasting out emails and texts to clients about your Gift baskets, your gift cards, your free gift wrapping station, put a picture of your sample gift basket on your web site and offer custom baskets and configurations.

Now is the time to launch your client loyalty program. Do you have the MIKAL Points program activated? Call us for a Roll Out Plan and samples at 513-528-5100. You will see up to 70% of your clients the last 2 months of the year. Make the most of this visit!

MIKAL Salons and Spas – remember there is a $50 off deal for the Fall on options and that includes the Points program, GiftCard option, and Tablet App. Get your software, get a plan, and get some profits!



What is New at Mikal?

Posted on November 26, 2021 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (564)


Take a look at the new features and programs we have been perfecting. Call us if any of these items fit in your 2022 strategy!



Text messages are 5x more effective than emails. Text messages are read within 5 minutes of receipt and emails are read within 2 days of receipt. Automatically update ALL of your client text numbers with the proper service providers. Mikal can take your customer file and overnight match the cell numbers to the correct providers for accurate texting.

This service is $150 and 3 cents per clients. We can limit the number based on last visit date and new or update of client files. Call us for details and maximize your marketing!

On-line booking has many new features. New clients can register with you and get their own PIN, Non-clients can “shop” for appointments and check availability before entering client information, and you can charge an appointment reservation fee or the service cost at the time of booking. The appointment is prepaid on the client’s credit card. Call us for set up details and requirements.

EMBA the employee mobile phone booking application has the ability to enter new clients, see client buying history, update client tech cards and see sales goals daily, weekly, and more. Use EMBA to eliminate the holiday bottleneck at the front desk.

SEVEN update: version 7.1 is almost ready to install. 7.1 includes the ability to store client credit card information and recall at point of sale in a secure mode, giving clients the ability to confirm Mikal appointment reminders automatically and updating a code on the confirmation list, activation of the new Opt-out option for clients for easy opt out of emarketing in your system. This update is $99 for Mikal software users and is included at no charge in all Seven rental client systems. Call for details and availability around 2021 year end.

Call us for current prices on HP Computers, Laser printers, and Barcode Scanners. If you have an older computer upgrading to an HP with an SSD drive gives you FIVE TIMES the speed. Call for details and prices. 513-528-5100

Year end is coming – make sure you have your new Backup Flash Drives we have 6 for $60 dollars and includes free shipping. Also if you are using full Payroll with check printing call us to order your $99 payroll tax table update for 2022.

The MIKAL Corporation 513-529-5100 [email protected]


MIKAL Client Site information - good info!

Posted on November 26, 2021 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (534)

Let's take this down time to fine tune our systems!   Have you ever logged into the Mikal Client web portal?

It has a TON of great information for you.


- Mikal Reports Book download a 60 page book full of examples and ideas on how to read and use your MIKAL reports. Sold for $39 – FREE DOWNLOAD this month.


- Quick Start Manual download is a daily operations and set up book on Mikal. Use this book to make sure your system is set up to make a maximum positive impact on your business. Sold for $69 - FREE DOWNLOAD this month.


Plus the Mikal BLOG with great ideas and articles and much more.


Click on the LINK to get your FREE manuals and more!


Go the the MIKAL web site and at the bottom of the page select Client Site

ID is tech

PW is tech


Download manuals, see the Blog and more!


NOW is the time to upgrade and fine tune Mikal SEVEN in your salon/spa. 513-528-5100


- On line booking running

- EMBA on staff phones

- SEVEN up and running

- VIP Loyalty Points Program


Your MIKAL Team


[email protected]


Staff up ideas at Camp Mikal

Posted on July 23, 2021 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (888)

Salons and Spas are staffing up, getting busy, and preparing for a busy fall/winter season. Make sure you are using your Mikal system to set motivating goals, compensate correctly, and track sales and retention for growth.


Camp Mikal will cover the goal setting and evaluations you can do in the system and also EMBA to help your team grow and stay motivated.


Camp will feature a special class on Employee reports including both versions of the Retention report, Ranking with Advanced Management analysis, and the Sales history reporting. Know you numbers and share them with the team for increased productivity!


Payroll is also a BIG topic right now. Learn how to tailor compensation to each team member, how to reward retention, motivate for increased retail sales, pay for assistants, implement automatic credit card deductions and more at Camp Mikal.


Your Mikal Camp book will have a special section on these topics along with the specific classes. Sign up for Camp today! 513-528-5100 Camp Mikal Cincinnati

August 21-23


Does your salon/spa JITA?

Posted on July 20, 2021 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (962)

Now that we are Re-Opened we need to fill ALL of our appointment slots. JITA will help to do that. Plus JITA takes the sting out of cancellations by filling your book back up!


So....Does your Salon JITA?

That means offer Just In Time Appointment opportunities to your clients? With client booking behaviors changed do you have last minute cancellations?


How much money do you lose a year from the empty spots in your book?


Imagine having your MIKAL system check your book each night and send out the booking opportunities that are available?


Camp Mikal attendees will have a special JITA class that covers most effective messaging, how to roll out JITA to the clients who will appreciate it, new scripting for the emails and texts and much more. Come to Camp August 21-23 and get your JITA going.


Call today to register for Camp - a few Early Birds still available. Only $169 for 3 days, 4 meals, 150 page book, 16+ classes and more.

Call your MIKAL Consultant



Inventory and Retail rethought at Camp Mikal

Posted on July 18, 2021 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (452)

Is you Inventory organized and easy to handle?

Are your Retail sales coming back strong?


If not you may need to come in for Camp MIKAL Cincinnati this August 21-23


Inventory and retail sales will be a BIG topic.

Learn how to use the Inventory Min/Max program and Inventory Ranking reports to cut your inventory carrying costs up to 25%


Use the Shop Sales performance reports and Inventory Sales reports to remerchandise your front sales area to maximum sales and increase profits


Implement the Purchase Orders system and save up to 60% of the time buying and stocking products. Track backorders and stock outages.


Camp Mikal will feature classes on these topics with a special section of the workbook and step by step instructions. Come to Camp and get that inventory organized and Retail sales maximized!


Call to register today. 513-528-5100 Only $169pp and includes 16+ classes, 4 meals, detailed workbook, CD,

and more!


New Improved On-Line Booking at Camp Mikal

Posted on July 16, 2021 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (347)

MIKAL is rolling out the new and improved On-line booking system for our salons and spas. Easy to use and full of features clients love!


New clients can now activate an account and book on-line

Clients can prepay an appointment reservation fee by credit card to secure the appointment

Clients can see their loyalty points

Management has a dozen management reports available at the touch of a button


Also - sell electronic Gift Cards in Mikal on-line. Set up multiple cards, packages, and have the card emailed to the client/recipient. Automatically updated in Mikal and all cart processing handled. See and get operational at Camp Mikal


On-line booking will quiet the phones and reduce front desk costs, give clients 24/7 booking ability, and give you analysis reporting at the touch of a button


Come to Camp Mikal Cincinnati August 21-23 and get your On-line booking set up. Special set up class. See new options and learn how to maximize the use of the system in your salon/spa


A few Early Bird registrations available. Call today. $169pp for 3 days, 16+ classes, Educational CD, 150 page all new book, 4 meals and more. Call 513-528-5100


Get your EMBA on at Camp MIKAL

Posted on July 13, 2021 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (670)

EMBA is hot - stylists rebook clients right at their chair. We are seeing salons DOUBLE their rebooking with EMBA!



Imagine being able to book client appointments from anywhere. On your smart/Iphone. With anyone. At any time.


How about.................

When you see a client out and about and they say "I really need to call in and book an appointment" you can now say: "Let me book it right now for you!"


And the bonus...................

What if you meet a new potential client? You can enter their basic information, find an appointment and book them. Fast, easy, and done!



Get your schedule real time.

EMBA has easy and effective Goals to motivate staff

EMBA has great analysis for management


Learn all about the new features at Camp MIKAL Cincinnati August 21-23. Increase sales, motivate staff, get great analysis!


Call MIKAL today and get signed up




New Classes at Camp Mikal

Posted on July 13, 2021 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (344)

I am packaging up some really nice classes for Camp that will be specific option related to help our clients increase sales, understand their business, and organize.


On-line booking class will have information on using credit cards to hold appointment times, the management information in the Admin area of OLB, allowing new clients to create an account, using the automatic PIN assignment to launch or re-launch OLB in the salon/spa.


EMBA class will discuss the new Goals in EMBA and implementation of the goals for the staff, better bookings with EMBA, ways of integrating the client card info and updating using the phones for better records, and EMBA analysis reporting.


Inventory class will go through organizing inventory or reorganizing inventory and product classes for better analysis, using the ranking, turns, and sales reports to cut costs and find sales opportunities, using the Min/Max and Mass change options to fine tune ordering and reduce costs, and the Purchase order function to cut labor and time up to 50% handling inventory.


Employee class will take the reports including the retention reports and ranking reports to formulate strategies for the three performance tiers in salons/spas to increase productivity and sales. Also review the sales history and analysis reports for better understanding of use and application. The payroll and evaluation systems will be tied together in some interesting ways to help create good behaviors and positive outcomes. The interview and on-boarding process for new staff will also be discussed and the evaluation and compensations systems will be merged to create positive new staff results.


On-line gift card sales class will include set up and roll out of the best options for selling the on-line cards and examples of package and multiple card options will be reviewed and discussed. Perfect timing going into the fall and Holiday season.


The classic System set up, Prototype set up, and trouble shooting classes will be held with new updates reviewed and discussed.


All in all this is an exciting line up of classes and I can’t wait to share the information and also learn from our salon/spa attendee’s feedback. It has been too long since our last get together!







Salon Owner guest blog - what MIKAL has done for her

Posted on June 22, 2021 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (663)


I want to share with you one of the biggest challenges of my career in the beauty business and how I recovered with the knowledge I have gained from you and your team and with our MIKAL software.

In March two employees moved several blocks down to a booth operation. One stylist was the top producer who had seven years with us. The other stylist had been with us for twenty years and was a reliable performer. They accounted for more than $200,000 of gross income.

Our contract was implemented in 2018 so both were excluded. I considered them to be loyal employees. It's the familiar story: both came to us with nothing and we supported them with supplemented education, benefits, and support in their personal lives.

After many tears, I dusted myself off, prayed to God to guide me, and on the way to work a few days after this bombshell I heard these strategies in my head:

Cash Flow:

I called all the "monthlies" which could be negotiated and did so.

We had recently cut back to bi-weekly payroll which was fortunate.

I used the inventory software to make tough calls on products leaving and staying.

I had a tasteful sign for "SALE" items and devoted about 12 linear vertical feet to that area in a visible area (beside shampoo area)

When distributors challenged me I remained steadfast.

I asked my top producer if she could give me two Saturdays a month. (She said "yes". :)

I discontinued the housekeeping position in the daytime and hired three new talent salaried stylists over a three month period to perform these duties.

Retail Sales:

I created retail specials for six week periods and produced framed signage at each station, easel signs, and foam board signs on restroom doors.We used an in-house graphic design software then emailed the product and specs to Kinkos and produced a professional looking sign for a very reasonable price.

I created bundles of all kinds seasonally.

We put small cards with retail promotions in every welcome bag for new clients.

Service Sales Marketing:

I used my MIKAL reporting and appointment book analysis to identify client types:

* 1. Clients who came every 8-10 weeks for haircuts only.

* 2. Clients who came every 4-6 weeks for haircuts.

* 3. Clients who came every 8-10 weeks for color and cut services.

* 4. Clients who came every 4-6 weeks for color and cut services.

* 5. Clients who came regularly for straightening or keratins.

The minute the stylists left on the last day, I began contacting clients by email (with the MIKAL system) or by telephone using the Mikal Last Visit date list if no email address was available and offered the following:

*1. Next haircut is on the house.  NOTE: all these offers were for clients who had been to the stylists who left us at least 3 times in the last 12 months.  Easy to find and automatically generate with MIKAL.  I did not want to give deals to salon or house clients or newer clients who where not yet loyal to the stylists that were exiting!

* 2. Next three cuts are on the house.  For non responders to #1

* 3. Next color and cut are OTH. 

*4. Next three (3) color and cut OTH. For non responders to #3

* 5. Next keratin deal

I personally made calls for up to five hours a day. Over a six month period I continued to place emails and phone calls to clients who had not returned. I personally recommended a stylist(s) for each client.


Clients who received one free color and cut received a promotional card to get the next cut and style free with their next color service with any stylist of their choice.

I bought a unique hole punch and used that to punch a business card to create a gift certificate to check against the transactions in the MIKAL sales history.


Departing stylists were frantically texting and calling loyal stylists about what clients were coming in.

Stylists wondered why the departing stylists had so much time to text and call.

Loyal stylists were increasingly busy and verbalized that the departing stylists had made a mistake. They expressed loyalty to our salon.

Clients verbalized to me that they had wanted a change for a time but were reluctant to "hurt" the long time stylist.

Within two months 2/3 of the contacted clients for the 20 year stylist visited. Within 2 months 50% of the contacted clients for the top producer visited.

Clients verbalized to me how much they appreciated my personal attention.

A few clients returned but did not want to take advantage of any offer.

Final Page:

In less than two years, our numbers returned to the March figures.

On May 5, two years later, the booth rental salon closed its doors.

We could not have survived this challenge without many years of education and input from your team. We could not have recovered so well without the MIKAL software.

I have learned many painful lessons and maybe they can help another owner.

My dear friend, Fred. One last tid-bit. I paid off the last piece of debt incurred after the walk out and another salon disaster last month. We had borrowed almost a million dollars across a bank, SBA, and SBA loan and paid it off in less than eight years while growing the SECOND location.

Thanks for being a key piece of our success over these decades.



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