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MIKAL Salon & Spa Software

Ultimate Salon Software since 1982



All New Salon Marketing and Management CDs available NOW!

Posted on April 8, 2018 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (1771)

MIKAL Education CDs

 SuperCharge your Front Desk CD

Complete Front Desk operations manual, Price Check, UpSell and More Scripting for Profits, complete Front Desk Presentation Slide Show, Receptionist Classified Ads, Receptionist and Salon/Spa Coordinator Job Descriptions, Payroll and Goal Setting Ideas, Terror on the Phones booklet and more!

SHOW SPECIAL $40.00 Website Price $60.00 - save $20.00


Do it right the first time (or Re-Invent right the second time) with our information packed CD! New Salon Opening side presentation, Grand Opening Ideas, Profit Generating Workbook – 43 pages! Salon and Spa Job Descriptions, Opening Checklist, 10+ Funding Ideas, Planning Spreadsheets and much more!

SHOW SPECIAL $20.00 Website Price $50.00 - save $30.00

 Staff Up! & Salon Policy Manual CD

A comprehensive employee policy and procedure manual on CD to edit and use, Ideas to DOUBLE your Classified Ad response, 20 Effective Interview Questions, Staff Up! Slide show class, job descriptions, Compensation Worksheets, Goal Setting Ideas, Training Tips and much more!

SHOW SPECIAL $20.00 Website Price $59.00 – save $39.00

 SuperCharge your Front Desk CD

Complete Front Desk operations manual, Price Check, UpSell and More Scripting for Profits, complete Front Desk Presentation Slide Show, Receptionist Classified Ads, Receptionist and Salon/Spa Coordinator Job Descriptions, Payroll and Goal Setting Ideas, Terror on the Phones booklet and more!

SHOW SPECIAL $40.00 Website Price $60.00 - save $20.00

 CD Package Deals Buy more – Save $

 Hat Trick Pick ANY 3 CDs $60 You Save up to $40 more!

 Fab Four Deal all 4 CDs$90 Now Save another $30 more!

 The MIKAL Corporation  [email protected] 800-448-5420

Salon Software Tech Update

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (1569)

Salon Technology Update

 The Beauty Industry is forging ahead with state-of-the-art software programs designed to increase customer satisfaction and streamline the salon business processes.

 The most dynamic programs include (computer) industry award winning Tablet apps, JITA – just in time appointment marketing, and advanced customer loyalty systems.

 The MIKAL Tablet app received the RSPA innovative award in point of sale technology with a queue crushing app that speeds customer check in and rebooking using wireless tablets in the salon. The Tablet app is not a PC program on a tablet. It is a touch screen program written specifically to enhance the customer experience by making the receptionist mobile! Check it out at

 JITA the Just In Time Appointment marketing program is an opt in program that looks at the salon computerized appointment book and offers last minute openings to customers who are interested in these opportunities. JITA is smart enough to not send the offers to customers who have a future appointment and only offer openings to each stylist’s customer base. This amazing option keeps the appointment book full!

 Customer Loyalty and Rewards programs are not an option with customers. Customers expect to get something more that just great service! The MIKAL Points program no only rewards loyalty and sales; it also gives rewards for referrals, pre-booking, and allows double points on certain days to build the business. Customer Points are reinforced by printing on the receipts, showing on the tickets, and displaying on the customer’s on-line booking profile page. 

 These programs are being used by small salons to the largest and most visible salons in the industry. Call or e-mail MIKAL for contacts and salon profiles.

 MIKAL Salon and Spa Software 800-448-5420 

[email protected]

Fred Dengler Co-Founder and CEO



Spring Money Making Ideas

Posted on February 19, 2018 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (4132)

Spring Money Making Ideas

Now that winter is almost over and here is Cincinnati it will be SIXTY degrees on Wednesday! (great isn’t it?) it’s time to get back

down to business and get into the business of Spring. Now is the time to crank up the business of beauty.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you and your staff back down to business:

$ Get a staff meeting together and go over these ideas. See what ideas generate the most excitement and appoint people and set dates for getting the projects going! Intorduce JITA the just in time appointment feature of MIKAL to fill the book. Get EMBA for the staff and they can go CRAZY booking all over town on their smart phones.

$ Clean the salon/spa from top to bottom. Paint a few walls and make a few small changes. Move some plants and displays. Decorate for the season!

$ Have everyone get dressed up. I don’t mean formal but every winter people get a little casual. It’s time to change our look and the change should be professional and upscale.  Have a staff party to get the excitement going!

$ Get into the Spring colors. Make sure your make up is right for the season and coordinates with your new look! Get the staff together for a make up session and new fashion review.

$ Start your Referral Contest May 1st and end it on August 1st . Pick your prizes, do your precontest mailing/e-mail September 3rd, and get the signs up in the salon/spa. Call us for a free 11 page Referral Contest planning book. How would 50-100 new customers sound in the next 60-90 days?

$ Get your front desk staff to commit to cleaning up the customer data base in the next 60 days. All of your regular customers will be in for the season. Run a list on your MIKAL system of all customers with Invalid addresses. The goal is to verify every customer’s address in the next 60 days. Check on the progress by running the Invalid Addresses report for all Last Visits in the last 7 days each week. The report should be blank every week if the front desk staff is cleaning up the list!

$ Get your Gift Cards on order NOW! Call Jenny at RACO Card 866-940-4676 for a free sample kit. Order the Gift Card option is MIKAL’s SMS software and ask for our free information pack on promoting gift cards. Gift Cards will make a huge difference in your sales over the old gift certificates. NOTE: beware of companies giving you gift cards for use with their Internet or bank card systems. The costs for the processing of the card every time it is swiped become a huge expense and if a customer loses their card there is no way to cancel that card and charge the balance up on a new card. Call us at MIKAL to make an informed decision. Also revisit a switch in credit card processors. XCharge our credit card processing partner has a $100 Gift Card waiting for you to switch!

$ Increase your Nail service prices now just before the prom and summer seasons. This will give you an additional boost to your income and the customers are coming in for that popular service during the Spring season.

$ Sign up for the Autopilot Marketing system from MIKAL. The business can get hectic. Don’t let your marketing Spring by the wayside. Put it on autopilot, and make sure you stay busy when summer months roll around!

Fred Dengler 513-528-5100 email us at [email protected] Website:

Get tons of Google reviews!

Posted on February 9, 2018 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (6935)

Google reviews get you more clients!

 Are you getting the Google reviews you need to grow?

 Did you know you can set up an easy link right in your MIKAL autopilot emails?

 At the Success Club in Plantation Florida we will do a hands on workshop and set up your Google reviews link to all of your Automatic MIKAL  emails.

 Your clients will be able to click and review right from their thank you, reminder, referral, retail, and birthday emails that MIKAL sends out for you automatically.

 So now you have automatic marketing to your clients and automatic reviews coming back!

 Call today to reserve your space at our Success Club. 3 mornings of workshops, a tour of the largest salon in America, and more. Feb. 19-21, 2017 at the Contour Spa in Plantation Florida.

 513-528-5100   [email protected]  

Success Club hosted in Ft. Lauderdale at Contour Spa

Posted on February 2, 2018 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (654)

MIKAL Success Club goes to Ft. Lauderdale

I  know the weather is nice now but remember this event is in February....The MIKAL Success Club is a three day event with the tour, workshops and meetings from 9am to 1pm. This format allows for afternoon networking and relaxation. The Success Club meeting is for owners and managers who want to make the most out of your MIKAL system.

The theme for this Success Club is ALL ABOUT SUCCESS and will be an in depth review of three major areas of the System and Business Ideas: Marketing, Staffing, and Reporting with an in-depth day spent in each area. Call for a detailed seminar kit 513-528-5100. 

Plan on spending Feb. 19-12 in Plantation Fl. - Ft. Lauderdale area. We are hosting this very special MIKAL Success Club at the Contour Spa in their training center with a behind the scene spa tour, special Mikal classes, and 20% off on all Contour Spa services. Get new ideas, network, rejuvenate, relax, recharge your batteries! Stay next door at the Hampton Inn Plantation at a special rate. Classes and tours are 9am to 1pm each day, Sunday-Tuesday and the afternoon is yours to spa, swim, shop, play, network...

This is a meeting designed to merge system operations with management and marketing ideas that when combined will move your business forward. Come in on Friday or Saturday before the meeting and unwind or stay an extra day to relax! The Hampton Inn Plantation is a 4.5 satisfaction rated hotel offering a rate of $189 per night. Register Saturday night from 5pm to 7pm with your MIKAL team in the Breakfast area. This is a business oriented hotel just across the parking lot from Contour Spa, our host location. The seminar is 14 minutes by cab from the Ft. Lauderdale airport and also offers free parking. The Sawgrass Mall and Las Olas are blocks away. You also have the whole Ft. Lauderdale experience! Call today to reserve your Earlie Birdie price and get $50 off 513-528-5100 [email protected] 

There is free full breakfast included with the room reservation, shuttle service to major attractions. Heated pool and whirlpool. High speed internet, business center and fitness center included in the room cost! Bring the family and work each morning then connect with them in the afternoon. Bring your management staff and make it a company retreat.  Bring your information and reports to use during the classes to compare your business to others in the industry. Get an individual evaluation of your reports by Fred Dengler to use during the class and a 2 page evaluation and management summary to take home with you. This evaluation is normally a $300 service and it is FREE to all salons and spas attending this Success Club. Call for the worksheets 513-528-5100

What could this Success Club be worth to you and your business?  

Call me for a Cost / Profit Justification and see what this three day experience can mean to your business! 

Plus - do you have the Employee Mobil App up and running? Are you doing Just In Time Appointments? Does Autopilot send your 5 critical e-mails and texts out automatically? Learn how at the Success Club.

Salon and Stylist E-mail Ideas

Posted on January 7, 2018 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (1375)

Use these eleven salon email marketing ideas to launch your own email marketing campaigns or add to your existing salon marketing efforts.

Set them up to be automatic in the MIKAL AutoPilot marketing system!

1. Featuring spa or salon offers of the month. E-mail them, post them on a sign in the waiting area, tweet them out and post on Facebook too. Use the MIKAL Marketing Calendar for monthly sure fire ideas! Call us for yours 800-448-5420.

2. Introducing a new staff member (or featuring a staff member of the month) Link to the MIKAL On-Line Booking Staff Bios page! See our example at

3. Describing the most recent technical skills or education you (or a staff member) have received in terms of how it benefits clients, along with a related offer for services or products.

4. Featuring a retail product of the month and emphasize client results and benefits.

5. Telling a story about your salon or spa, your brand, or interests and passions which led you or a staff member into the industry. Link to your About Us page on your web site!

See our example:

6. Talking about seasonal hair, makeup, skin or other relevant trends. See the Marketing Calendar for Summer Ideas - call us for one 800-448-5420.

7. Describing how new technology is changing the way you do business or improving services or products. Are you using MIKAL EMBA, JITA, or OLB? They are HOT tech ideas.

8. Telling clients about a new product or service. New conditioners to take care of damaged hair are big news!

9. Telling clients what sets your business apart. What are your USBs or IOs? Call us for a detailed info pak!

10. Making customer promises (telling clients what they can expect to be true each and every time they do business with you). List your guarantee!

11. Announcing a flash sale, last-chance or other limited time offers. Move the slow stuff OUT and build the slow staff NOW!

Like these ideas? Order our Marketing CD on our web store  or call for more info at 800-448-5420

Industry Experts featured at Camp MIKAL

Posted on June 4, 2015 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (463)

Experts will be at Camp MIKAL


Michele Perroton Business Development Manager for Demandforce will speak and consult with you on your social media strategies! Michele has vast experience in the salon and spa industries and has been a guest speaker at many industry events. She is plugged into the Intuit/Quickbooks family of products and has great insight into the e-marketing trends in our industry.



David McKendrick Strategic Partner Manager for Open Edge will inform you of new credit card compliance requirements and smart card migration - don't be left behind!

David has deep experience in the credit card processing industry and specializes in salons and spas. He is up to date on all the compliance and legal regulations required as well as having experience and knowledge of the best practices and procedures to keep your information secure and your company in compliance.



Jenny Wolff Salon/Spa Gift Card and Loyalty Programs Manager with Raco will show you the latest in loyalty and card programs that increase sales. Many new technologies are being introduced! Jenny brings with her over eleven years industry experience with a major mobile computer and printer manufacturer. Her considerable experience in printing systems allows Jenny to deliver complete end to end card printing solutions to her salon and spa client base.


Others experts to be announced......


CAMP INCLUDES:  Camp MIKAL Sept. 12-14 2015  Camp MIKAL is New New NEW!  New Classes on Marketing with a detailed support CD

New Classes on Business Management   New Camp Book stuffed full of time saving and money making ideas

3 days of classes, 4 meals, cocktail party, book, training CD, more.....................

PLUS a $100 software coupon


See you for Camp MIKAL!   Fred and your MIKAL Camp Team

[email protected] 513-528-5100


Sweet Ideas for your Valentine Promos

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (112)

Is your Salon or Spa ready to make some serious money for Valentine's Day?

MIKAL Salons and Spas are ahead of the curve and are taking advantage of the big Valentine promotions now with our award winning software. See the ideas below and give us a call with any questions! NOW is the time to get your promotion together. Don't be paralyzed by a slow economy and don't let the retail stores get all the Valentine Promotion $ales!

Valentine Sales are happening right now - are you set to plug into them?

- Get your decorations up NOW. If you don't have any take the idea from Tracy one of our MIKAL owners: Tracy says "I didn't have much money and one of my stylists took me to the dollar store in town and there were TONS of cute things. For less than $20 we got window decorations, heart shaped baskets, Red and White wrapping paper. I ran my Inventory Ranking Report and set up a table with all the slooooooow moving items with a sign 40% off. We set up the table with an area with the wrapping paper I got at the dollar store and allow the clients to wrap their purchases for free! Slow moving Product is flying off the table and clients love the ability to do their own gift wrapping for free. They have even sent friends in to get items. Also be sure to set the items up in your MIKAL inventory as Non-Commission so you don't pay commission on these liquidation items. Does your software system highlite the products that you need to MOVE NOW and maximize your retail profits?


- Sell special Valentine Gift Cards: Vince has special cards printed by Raco Industries that have Valentine graphics and preprinted amounts of $50 and $100. He uses the MIKAL gift card system to track the sales and redemptions. Note: MIKAL Gift Card processing is FREE - no fees or charges except for your card costs. Vince says this is his third year doing it. Vince says: "Clients come up to the front desk where we have the Valentine gift cards displayed and just buy them as quick point of purchase items. The display is what sells the items. I get a small run of cards done special by Raco. They look great and are inexpensive. Patty Jones at Raco gets them for me fast." Raco's number is 513-984-2101 or 800-446-1991.



- Do you have a Spa Sampler package to sell? Sonoma Spa puts a package together of services including a manicure, 30 minute mini facial, 15 minute chair massage, hair styling service, and make-up touch up for $99 for Valentine's Day. It is only redeemable Monday thru Wednesday from 9am to 5pm but includes complementary baked goods, a single rose, and a chocolate treat to take home! Last year they sold and booked 300+ of these packages by advertising on the radio the first 2 weeks in February during rush hour drive time 7am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm Monday thru Friday only. Solare made sure they had booking experts available to take the calls and credit cards charges right over the phone. Note: they also upgraded over 50 of the calls to the Valentine Day of Rejuvination that costs $449! MIKAL has the easiest to sell and redeem package tracking system in the beauty industry. Sell series, standings, and day packages with just a few simple keystrokes with your MIKAL software. Call us for more package ideas!



- Do you have your MIKAL Packages implemented, Client Loyalty Points Program, and Inventory Ranking report run for the Valentine's Day promotions? Call your MIKAL support team to get the systems in place and bust this recessionary trend! Call us at 513-528-5100.



- If you were a MIKAL client you would be booked for the MIKAL Class in March at our Cincinnati Training Center or see us a a dozen Beauty Shows this season. Call us for dates and locations or see our Show Schedule at



Does your software company host dynamic meetings like ours or just want you to WEBINAR with them? We will convert your information to our system, come ON SITE at your location and train you and give you friendly experiences support for dollars a day! Call us for our special conversion package pricing! 800-448-5420.



- Do you have the amazing MIKAL SIX software or some other package that just is not measuring up? See the power of the new Management Dash Board, the Automatic Autopilot E-marketing system, and get a FREE Salon/Spa Policy Manual e-mailed to you if you call and give us 15 minutes to show you an Internet based presentation of our award winning software. Call and ask for an e-mail of our information package on MIKAL SIX. It is an awesome upgrade.



- Go to our web site and listen to our Award Winning Tablet App streaming video and download our 32 page Idea book - they are FREE - WWW.MIKAL.COM then come to Chicago, San Jose, Orlando, Baltimore, Texas, Seattle or one of our other shows and put a plan together to profit in these wild economic times. It can be done!







The MIKAL Corporation


[email protected]



EMBA goes to Walmart

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (31)

One of our salons told me their staff is going crazy with EMBA the MIKAL Employee Mobile Booking App scheduling clients all over town!


Jimmy our salon owner called me and said "I've got to tell you about EMBA and my staff"


Here is Jimmy's story:

This past weekend the salon started using EMBA one of the stylists came in on Monday and said she had booked 6 of her clients at Wal-Mart Friday night while she was shopping after work. She said her clients came up to her like they always do to say hi and then said I've got to call the salon and get in for a haircut. The stylist said don't bother calling I can book you right now on my smart phone. The clients loved it. Standing in the Wal-Mart pet food section the clients were booked! That week the other stylists noticed she was busy and her clients were coming in talking about EMBA at Wal-Mart.


This Black Thursday when the salon was closedJimmy saw 4 of his stylists out like they were going out somewhere. He asked them where the were going to grab a bite or a drink and they told him they were going to Wal-Mart and get some bookings! The stylists said the entire town goes to Wal-Mart on Friday nights and shops and hangs out and that is where they were heading with their smart phones and EMBA.


Jimmy told me he loves it. But he is kind of sad too. He said "remember when the staff would all close on Friday and would go out and party? Now they go to Wal-Mart! What happened to us?


True story - I swear it!


MIKAL CEO and EMBA lover


Marketing Calendar

Posted on November 22, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (23)



Only three months left in and this is the last quarter of the year. Now is the time to kick in with all your best marketing and fine tune your management. If you have not done so yet start your referral contest RIGHT NOW! Get our Referral Contest Guide today, get the prizes lined up, a mailing to customers who have referred people to you in the past and start the contest on October 14th. Run the contest till December 16th so the winner receives a great holiday present!

We need to be up selling services with every appointment. Half of our customers will see us in the next 90 days. We need to offer them services that they have not experienced before and up sell packages of services. Bundle new or less popular services with your most popular services. What have you done so far this year in conditioning treatments? In paraffin services? How is your massage business going? Look at your Performance Report and decide which services need to be bundled together. Use the Shrink Wrap option in Inventory Special Functions to bundle service and retail items. Give the staff an extra per item commission to up sell the slow moving services and products. Use the pop up window at booking time to up sell services when customers call in.

This is the month to raise chemical service prices to take advantage of November and December sales activity!



Now is the time to make sure all of your customer information is correct. You will see more of your customers in the next 60 days than in the next six months. Activate the incomplete address warning at point of sale so the front desk always captures all of the customer address information. Run the incomplete address list for last visit equals last week customers every week to make sure the receptionists are capturing all of the information.

Implement a strategy to move customers booking appointments to less busy days and times. Every customer will want to come in on Saturday. Always offer early week appointments first and give the customers reasons to book early in the week (less hectic, more time to work on the customer, better quality time with the customer). The more customers you can move to early week and morning appointments the more opportunity you will have to service new customers during prime walk in times! Book smarter for more profits.

Idea: have your Holiday Party in January when you and your staff have the time to enjoy it!



Let's run our reports and look at our progress:

- Has your average ticket increased at least 4% in every department?

- Did you raise prices through out the year?

- Are your receptionists turning into Preceptionists?

- Are your regular mailings happening regularly?

- Is inventory down to the bare bones for tax purposes?

- Have you sent the price check customers a little package?

- Are you using the New Customer Welcome Book (and new customer retention is over 50%)?

- Is your customer information in the computer all cleaned up?

- Are your employees using the evaluation and goal setting systems?

- Are you happier with your business than this time last year?

If some of the answers are not what you would like them to be call MIKAL immediately and schedule time in for our Winter User Group Meeting!

For New Year we need to get our New Year promotions going. Flip back to last January and see what you would like to concentrate on. Make time to visit with each staff member to discuss last year and plan on the New Year. Call you MIKAL Consultant for help with this goal setting.

Want the Entire Calendar?  Order our Marketing CD and it is included!