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MIKAL Salon & Spa Software

Ultimate Salon Software since 1982



Hate doing paperwork?

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (1)







Welcome to the club! You are not alone. Very few of us went to school to learn how to manage our business. In fact it is the least fun and most painful part of our daily lives.

1. Booking appointments – how many times do you have to play phone tag with a client to get an appointment booked, or worse take a call from one client while you are servicing another one? Our on-line booking allows your clients to book their appointments with you thru the Cyber Receptionist easily and accurately.

2. Doing your “paperwork” – do you put off your sales tracking, sales tax work, and general paperwork till the last minute? Our sales tracking and analysis system keeps your information current each day and makes printing reports a breeze.

3. Marketing and growing your business – are you doing your New Client Thank You, Birthday, Reminder, and Referral Reward mailings or e-mails? Our system will send out the e-mails and text messages for these proven strategies each week automatically at No Extra Cost!

MIKAL Independent Stylist and Salon Suites Operators Services

We will give you a sample system to build on and help you create your business on our secure site. You will have a password to access your information and can give your clients a pin number to book appointments. Your information is backed up by our expert technicians and is secure and only available to you.

You can use the system to run your business and track an assistant, a receptionist, and a house account. The sales information is exportable to Quickbooks and you can get a copy of your information at any time.


Will the system grow with your business?

The basis of MIKAL software is the award winning MIKAL SIX system that is running in thousands of salons and spas and operates everything from a 1 person chair/salon to a 26,000 square foot spa! Your information will convert right into MIKAL SIX and can be run on a system on site at your location.

At anytime you can buy MIKAL SIX software and be up and running at your location.

What you get:

Daily Sales tracking: use the system to enter sales transactions and credit card sales. Know your daily sales, product sales, assistant and receptionist sales, and sales tax liability.

Trend Analysis: see reports that give you 8 period trend analysis to see the growth in your business. See week, month, quarter, and year to date sales at a glance. Graph your sales and get a visual of your business.

Client Marketing: enter and track your client personal information, technical cards, buying history, and even pictures. Do mailings and e-mail marketing with our automatic autopilot marketing system and also create custom marketing and promotions with the powerful label, list, letter, and postcard printing programs. You can upload clients to for postcard printing and Constant Contact for e-marketing.


Rental Agreement Example

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (13)

Note: this is an example only to give you ideas on structure and wording.  Make sure you involve an attorney in any contract developement or review!

Agreement for a business relationship between Salon and the Independent Contractor/Stylist ________________________


This proposal outlines the working relationship and responsibilities for Salon and the Independent Contractor/Stylist __________________________ regarding the operations of the Salon at Salon.


Salon will retain the Independent Contractor/Stylist ____________________ as an Independent Contractor. Salon has retained the Independent Contractor/Stylist/Independent Contractor on a commission per service provided basis to provide services for Salon’s customers. A bonus plan can be put in place to compensate the Independent Contractor/Stylist for contributing to the overall success of the Salon at Salon location.


This business relationship is expressly a relationship between independent contractors and in no way is an employee-employer relationship, partnership, joint-venture, or any other relationship. Each party agrees that they are responsible for their own taxes, applicable insurance, and debts.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist is receiving a per service performed commission of ____% for providing consulting, and services to Salon clients at Salon. Salon does not pay the Independent Contractor/Stylist any type of other fee or compensate the Independent Contractor/Stylist in any way except the commission per service performed. No taxes will be withheld or paid at any time by the Salon for any independent contractor/stylist.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist will provide his/her own tax id number and business account and Salon will make all payments to the Independent Contractor/Stylist in the form of an accounts payable check for services performed. The Independent Contractor/Stylist will receive ___% per service performed from Salon based on abiding by and supporting a mutually agreed on booking schedule. The Independent Contractor/Stylist/Independent Contractor will provide proof of tax withholding to Salon on a regular basis to assure Salon that all taxes are being withheld properly by the Independent Contractor/Stylist.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist agrees to use Salon’s time clock system and appointment booking for tracking these hours and abide by the published service menu for pricing. The Independent Contractor/Stylist also recognizes that the Salon will do price specials, sell series of visits, and offer discounts to build the business. The Independent Contractor/Stylist agrees to abide by all marketing and promotional prices of the Salon.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist will at no time provide salon services to Salon clients off site, off the books, or independent of Salon’s control.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist will waive the fee for time involved in producing salon marketing materials.

The Independent Contractor/Stylist will pay for Stylist training, consent forms, literature, business cards, and documentation materials.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist receives ___% of all salon retail product sales.

The Independent Contractor/Stylist provides all personnel liability and malpractice insurance.


(Salon will pay for additional personnel other than the Independent Contractor/Stylist staff)

The Independent Contractor/Stylist will provide personal supervision of Salon and products used in Salon.


Salon requires all people working for Salon as a contractor or employee to sign a confidentiality agreement. That all information collected in the massage office is confidential. That upon leaving the massage office they will not solicit business from Salon customers, will not use Salon in any advertising/marketing, and will not do business within 5 miles of Salon for 6 months after leaving Salon.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist will hold Salon harmless in any legal dispute resulting from services provided by the Independent Contractor/Stylist’s personnel. Salon shall hold the Independent Contractor/Stylist harmless in any legal dispute, claim and/or suit resulting from services provided by Salon, its officers, employees, agents and other personnel.

Salon provides all operating, advertising, and administration services including:


- Facility - Bookings - On-line booking - Utilities - Marketing

- Spa Manager - Spa reception - Waiting area amenities - Signs - Marketing materials

- Phones - Cleaning - Maid service - Laundry - Linens

- Computer/Software - Bookkeeping - Credit card - Billing-A/R - Product ordering

- Secure record storage - Secure product storage - Professional products used in services


Salon will compensate the Independent Contractor/Stylist in the following way:


___ % for services jointly agreed on by Salon and the Independent Contractor/Stylist for Stylist’s time.

___ % for retail products sold to clients by the Independent Contractor/Stylist while performing salon services for that client. Walk in retail purchases will be credited to the Salon to off- set overhead expenses.


The Independent Contractor/Stylist agrees to pay a processing fee of 3% on all services and tips processed through the Salon credit card machine. The only credit card machine to be used in the Salon is the Salon credit card machine. All sales, packages, series, and retail sales must be processed through the Salon point of sale computer system. No monies are to be taken or held by the Independent Contractor/Stylist for any sales, services or retail purchases done at the Salon.


Salon and Independent Contractor agree to abide by all policies and procedures contained in the Policy Handbook. These items include professionalism, dress code, hours and days of operation, booking procedures, adherence to booking schedule and standard hours available, pricing, client confidentiality, trade secrets, and all other items listed in the Policy Handbook.


No amendments or conditions to this agreement shall be binding unless in writing and signed by both parties, except as herein otherwise provided. This agreement shall be governed in all respects, whether as to validity, construction, capacity, performance or otherwise by the laws of the State of ____________________.



_______________________ _______ ________________________ _______

Salon Date Stylist Date